Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad  


The DSP&PRR is the highest 7 1/2 inch guage railroad in the world at an elevation of 9,200 feet above sea level.

<-- NEWS --> December 3, 2016, The first snow has fallen and now the ground is frozen. So construction work has ended for the season until next Spring. We are still able to run trains. Energies are now directed to the garage to continue work on the 3 3/4 inch narrow guage Sweet Creek.

The Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad is a 7 1/2" gauge railroad located in the beautiful South Park area west of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The railroad is currently under construction with a planned mainline of over 8,000 ft of track. The minimum radius is 75 feet with a maximum grade of 3.5%. The topography of the area is rolling hills with approximately 30% coverage in Ponderosa Pine. Typically we are laying track on Saturdays late April thru late November. Construction trains are running out to the ever advancing railhead carrying track and cross ties. The Boreas Pass Wye now allows trains to be turned at the top. This now gives us bi-directional train operation from the Como Wye at the bottom to the Boreas Pass Wye at the top... about 4,330 ft one way or 8,660 ft round trip. The railroad is divided into a Northern and Southern division. The Southern Division is now fully operational with over 4,330 ft of mainline track laid in place.

We have an unloading device capable of handling a Northern locomotive. The 20 ft. turntable with steaming bays is installed and is operable. Additionally two swinging gate bridges are in place and operable. See Contacts on this webpage for info on how to contact us. All railroad fans are welcome to come and run their engines. Due to the extreme fire danger only propane steamers are allowed. Diesels and electrics are welcome.

November 23, 2016, Our illustrious president Jay Gould has authorized construction of the Northern Division. We are now working in earnest on the Northern Division. Work has started on the north end of the Boreas Pass Wye and is progressing northward. This will add about 3,500 ft of mainline to the already existing 4,330 ft and will be quite a fun and scenic railroad to run on.

October 8, 2016, We had a great turnout at our Fall Run Day. It was clear and sunny and the air slightly cool. We had 5 engines running one of which was an OS Mogul which pulled the grades pretty well. On the 4400 ft route we used family radios for train dispatching and it worked really well. A lot of folks had great train rides while viewing the beautiful vistas along the route.

September 23, 2016, We have laid over 500 feet of ribbon rail similiar to what the 12 inch to the foot guys use. While down at the Maricopa club down in Phoenix last January, we saw them using ribbon rail... they were welding their steel profile rail into 150 to 200 ft lengths and using them on the straights and curves with success. This was eliminating rail joints where kinking occured. So we decided to use ribbon rail on the DSP & PRR for the same reasons. We have started using it on the new siding down on the south meadow and from there to the Como Wye. Plans are to use it for new construction on the Northern Division in 100 ft to 120 ft lengths. See Photo Index / Ribbon Rail for photos.

February 20, 2016, We fabricated 4 new turnouts... 2 left and 2 right. We now have enough turnouts for two passing sidings on the Southern Division and one on the Northern Division. See Photo Index / Turnouts for photos.

On November 9, 2015, We hauled 25 car loads of ballast using the bottom dumping, self-spreading ballast cars. They worked really well. Probably 6 tons of ballast. See them in the videos at --> Video Index